Pop Academy

Designed specifically for the youth at Joyful Sounds Music Studio, Pop Academy will be a place to come together and grow as young musicians.

Students that enroll in more than two Pop Academy offerings will have any additional class fees waived for the 2023-2023 school year. This does not apply to private lessons.

Schedule Options:

Pop Academy: Bands

This is what it’s all about. YOU are the band. You create the set list. You dive deep into the music-making experience. YOU rock the show. Join our incredibly talented team of instructors as they guide you and your friends through all the parts of being in a band. Performances throughout the year with live audiences – the real deal! 

Not to be missed for all the rock stars out there.

Once you are registered, bands will be created based on instrument and playing level balance. 

We highly recommend registering for Pop Academy Theory/Composition as well, which takes place right before the Pop Academy Bands program for the 2023-2024 School Year.

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Pop Academy: Theory/Composition

A good band needs great music. In Pop Academy Theory/Composition, you’ll learn all the tools necessary to create music for the band to play. How to write for various instruments, how to bring the pieces together, and how to teach it to the band. 

This class will be all about the process and learning – and eventually the Pop Academy Bands will play the creations!

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Pop Academy: Songwriting

There’s music, and there’s lyrics. Together, they are magical. 

Songwriting is a mix of tapping into your creative side as well as learning the business side of songwriting. Students participating in this group can expect to work on songs, the craft and playing, and also learn about recording studios, releasing music, playing live and more. No background necessary, but an openness to share, be creative and work hard. 

This class is designed more for the individual writers and creators, but the creations may be presented to the Pop Academy Bands for performance should it merit that fit.

Get ready to write!

Pop Academy: SING

There’s nothing like coming together to sing musicals, pop tunes, show tunes, jazz standards with full harmonies and love of all things music. 

SING is upbeat, encouraging, and an experience for that vocally-energized youth in your home. 

Show singers unite in this special class – sign up today!



  • Instrument (Guitar, Bass) – keyboards, drums, microphones provided
  • Binder or duotang
  • Pencil
  • Lined Paper
How long are the classes?

80 Minute, Weekly band sessions, September to June. Other Pop Academy classes are 50 mintues. Registration is open throughout the year.

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