Important Dates




Sept 6: Front Office Open

Sept 7/8: Staff Training

Sept 9: OPENING DAY for all regular classes & lessons

Sept 30: OPEN and Honouring Truth & Reconciliation Day



TBD Kiwanis Festival Registration

Oct 1 – 6: Kindermusik Thankfulness Class Celebrations 

Oct 7 – Oct 10: CLOSED for Thanksgiving (Friday to Monday inclusive)

Oct 24 – 31: Halloween Dress-Up Week

Oct 31: Closing at 5pm (Halloween)



Nov 11: CLOSED Morning Only for Remembrance Day. OPEN @ 1pm

TBD Fall River Christmas Tree Lighting & Parade



Dec 13 – Dec 19: Kindermusik Jingle Jangle Class Celebrations

Dec 16/17: Holiday Song-a-Thon Weekend!

Dec 19: Last Day before Break

Dec 20 – Jan 2: CLOSED Christmas Break inclusive



Jan 3: Front Office Opens

Jan 3 – Jan 5: Make-Up Days

Jan 5: Staff Training

Jan 6: Studio OPEN for all Regular Classes & Lessons



Feb 1 – 28: Musical Olympics Month!

Feb 8 – 14: We Love Kindermusik Class Celebrations

Feb 20: CLOSED (Heritage Day – Monday Only)



March 6 – 11: Kindermusik Lucky Day Class Celebrations

March 12 – 18: March Break: CLOSED Regular Classes & Lessons

March TBD: Kiwanis Festival Begins



April 7 – 9: CLOSED Easter Weekend (Friday to Sunday, OPEN Monday)

April 29: Tentative Kindermusik Level 5 Yr 2 Graduation Day!



May 2 – 4: NO REGULAR CLASSES OR LESSONS (Make-Up Days & Staff PD)

May 22: Victoria Day CLOSED (Monday Only)



June 2/3: Group Concerts & #Sharpies Gala Awards

June 16 – 26: Kindermusik Year-End Celebration Classes

June 23/24: Student Recitals (No Regular Lessons/Classes)

June 26: Last Day of Regular Term

June 27 – 29: Make-Up Days (if needed)



July 3 – Aug 25: #JoyfulSummer Camps Series


All students will receive 36 weeks of instruction during the 2022-2023 School Year, no matter what day of the week their lesson or class may fall on. 

  • Exception 1 is Kindemusik Level 5 classes that have 30 classes per year, with the 30th class being their graduation/year-end celebrations.
  • Exception 2 is Mondays and Fridays due to holidays. They will receive 35.5 weeks of instruction, and the additional 0.5 week (if applicable) will be scheduled during the Make-Up Days outlined below


Make-Up Days have been scheduled at three distinct times throughout the year to accommodate teachers with travelling needs due to performances, student absences, and other occurrences. When lessons or classes are cancelled, a plan will be communicated that falls during scheduled Make-Up Days and families will be instructed to sign up for a make-up lesson or class during those times. 


Snow Days will move to a virtual format to avoid the need to take up scheduled makeup days and to keep the schedule and learning opportunities consistent. Families should prepare a virtual space at home to prepare for a snow day class or lesson.

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 8 PM

Sat:         9 AM – 3 PM

Sun:        Home making music                  with our families!


Joyful Sounds Music Studio

 3060 Hwy #2,

Fall River, NS,

B2T 1J5

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