Musicians, Year 2: 6 – 7 Years

Ages: 6 to 7 years old

  • 70-minute lessons, once a week
  • Studio setting with parent attending last 10 minutes
  • Maximum class size: 8 students
  • Year One for students in grade 1 or 2 of the school system
  • Year Two for students who have completed Year One or similar pre-requisite program; please contact the studio to ensure proper placement
  • Unlimited Makeups

Class fees are $99+tax monthly. This class requires an $100 materials deposit charged upon enrollment as a one-time fee that covers the entire curricula for the school year. Kindermusik Musicians comes with physical materials that will be used weekly as part of the musical learning process. There is “funwork” that will need to be completed at home each week with these materials. Materials include carry bag, class notebook, instruments and more. You will also have access to all digital albums on the Kindermusik App, and unlimited make-ups while you are an enrolled family!Sibling discount 10% available on regular monthly fee. POMBA 25% – please let front desk know.

The “Meat and Potatoes” of musical learning! Our Kindermusik Musicians program is simply the best place for a child to begin the journey to private music lessons, while still embracing the fun of group-style learning.

Listen as your child astonishes you with his newfound ability to create musical compositions. Kindermusik Musicians provides a pressure-free, developmentally appropriate transition to musically succeed before taking on more formal instruction. Kindermusik provides the opportunity to explore voice development, rhythm, notation, musical symbols and authentic pre-keyboard (glockenspiel), string (dulcimer) and woodwind (recorder) instruments.

Kindermusik Musicians helps every child develop a confident, joyful voice for singing and speaking as well as essential building blocks for a future of learning. Students explore many facets of the musical experience-speaking, singing, moving, dancing, listening, creating and playing instruments, as well as learning about reading and writing music. As the capstone to the child’s Kindermusik journey, Musicians broadens and deepens the child’s introduction to the fulfillment and excitement of musicianship. Our Musicians Graduation is always a highlight of the Kindermusik program.

“Is today a Kindermusik Day?”

Kindermusik classes are a world of discovery and adventure, and at Joyful Sounds Music Studio, we bring the JOY and MAGIC to each and every class.

You’ll witness your child’s developmental evolution in language skills, literacy, listening, problem solving, social skills, self-esteem, and musicality. And it happens within a nurturing environment-full of energy, imagination, music, dancing, and playful delight.

See our full list of class offerings and descriptions below. Not sure which class would be best? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help guide the process.

If you’re looking for our Half-Day Preschool Programs that include Kindermusik class, please visit this page for enrollment.

Joyful Sounds Music Studio is proud to be recognized in the Top 1% of Kindermusik Studios Worldwide – come be part of the fun!

The singing starts when the sun comes up! You can’t remember what life was like before those Kindermusik songs were implanted in your mind. A Kindermusik family knows the joy of making music a priority, and the long-lasting magic that comes with those moments. Join us today for a class and you’ll be part of our large community.

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Joyful Sounds Kindermusik Discounts

10% off the monthly fee for each additional sibling enrolled in regular classes

25% off the monthly fee for multiples (twins, etc) enrolled in the same class

10% off the monthly fee for FRABA Members (must provide proof of membership)

At Home Materials

Enjoy the Journey All Week Long! Kindermusik is much more than a weekly class. And your At Home materials you receive from your educator are just the tools you need to continue that one-of-a-kind experience together as a family. While we plant the seeds of learning through music in the classroom, you will use the At Home materials at home to cultivate lifelong learning.

Family involvement in your child’s learning is a fundamental cornerstone of the Kindermusik philosophy because we believe the parent is the child’s most important teacher and the home is the most important place for a child’s learning to take root and grow. After all, there’s no better way to nurture your child’s development – and you’ll love doing it together – every day!

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