Welcome to the 10TH ANNUAL Musical Olympics!

Inspired by Olympic Team Canada’s work ethic and designed to 

inspire our students to push through the hardest month of the year.

Students will earn ballots by completing challenges and practicing.

Over the years we have seen incredible success with this program.

The BEST NEWS – we have incredible sponsorship 

and supporters for these Musical Olympics. 

Last year we presented over 100 prizes and we’re on track 

to have another record amount of prizes for our amazing students!

What are these prizes and who are these supporters?

Stay tuned – all information will be released by Jan 31st

For now – read the rules to participate and GET READY!

Good Luck to All & Thank You to our Amazing Supporters!!


How to Play & Win

Record your practice times & sessions in MyMusicStaff and complete weekly challenges to earn ballots for prizes! We will have lots of individual draws for prizes once the competition is complete  – last year we gave away over 100 prizes – from Blizzards to Squishmellows; Lego to a Chromebook Grand Prize!

The more you participate, the better your chances of winning – it’s that simple! We will draw prizes in order from largest (based on dollar value) to smallest, and you can only win once. This way there will be as many winners as possible! 

At the end of the month we will calculate your Ballot Total and send you your results. You will then get to decide how you want to place your ballots – what prizes will you aim for? All draws will take place at the beginning of March once all totals are tallied and ballots are entered. In addition to the prizes, all our top ballot students will be recognized as our Ultimate Olympians! Here’s the ballot breakdown:

Practice MINUTES: every 10 minutes = 1 ballot (108 minutes = 10 ballots)

Practice SESSIONS: every 1 session = 1 ballot (5 practice session logs = 5 ballots)

(108 minutes practiced over 5 sessions = 15 ballots!)

CHALLENGES (10 ballots each) – these can be completed at any time over the month of February, but must be received to the Front Desk by Feb 28th – NO EXCEPTIONS. Challenges will be released on this site on Feb 1st.

Practice Minutes and Sessions MUST be recorded in MyMusicStaff to be eligible for ballots. We will pull practice minute data every Thursday in February, starting on Feb 8th, ending on Feb 29th. Feel free to use your Dictation Book during the week, but make sure those minutes have been entered by Wednesday at midnight each week.

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