Musical Olympics

Olympics Countdown!








How to Play and Win

Record your practice times & sessions in MyMusicStaff and complete weekly challenges to earn ballots for prizes! We will have lots of individual draws for prizes once the competition is complete  – last year we gave away over 60 prizes! 


The more you participate, the better your chances of winning – it’s that simple! We will draw prizes in order from largest (based on dollar value) to smallest, and you can only win once. This way there will be as many winners as possible! 


At the end of the month we will calculate your Ballot Total and all your ballots will go into the grand draw drum. All draws will take place at the beginning of March once all totals are tallied and ballots are entered. In addition to the prizes, all our top ballot students will be recognized as our Ultimate Olympians


Practice MINUTES: every 10 minutes = 1 ballot (108 minutes = 10 ballots)

Practice SESSIONS: every 1 session = 1 ballot (5 practice session logs = 5 ballots)

(108 minutes practiced over 5 sessions = 15 ballots!)


CHALLENGES (10 ballots each) – these can be completed at any time over the month of February, but must be received to the Front Desk by Feb 28th – no exceptions.

Parent Bonus!

Because we know how hard you work, and how much time and effort you put into your family, we would like to offer you a chance to make YOU a priority this month. Remember, when you take care of yourself, you are in a much better place to take care of those you love! Journey to Wellness, owned by local fitness and wellness specialist (and mom of 3), Deborah Peddle-Hann is offering Joyful Sounds parents a Complimentary Membership to the Journey to Wellness Virtual Fit Camp for the entire month of February. No strings attached. Just use this link to get signed up right away


CHALLENGE 1: TEACH someone in your home something about your instrument. You can teach them a technique (scale, fingering, ear training), a part of a song, a strumming pattern, etc. The teaching session must be a minimum of 10 minutes in length.

Have the person you taught sign here when complete:

Date: _______________________________________________

Who I Taught: ______________________________________________________________

What I Taught: _____________________________________________________________

Adult/Witness Signature: ____________________________________________________


CHALLENGE 2: PERFORM for someone not living in your home – virtual or in-person. Note: performing at the studio will not count 🙂

Have an adult/witness sign here when complete:

Date: __________________________________________

I played:  ________________________________________________________________

I played for: ______________________________________________________________

Adult/Witness Signature: __________________________________________________



Participate in our LIVE virtual session on Sunday Feb 12th @ 6:30pm OR participate with the recording by 9:00am Monday, February 20th. This will be a 30 minute session. 

Join via Miss Louise’s Zoom: 412-081-9525 joyful2022. Link will also be emailed. 



Music means something different to all of us. It may be a hobby, a passion, a way to be creative and artistic, a way to dance, sing, laugh, cry. What does music mean to you? Do you listen to music at home? In your vehicle? Do you have musicians in your family? Do you have a favourite artist, band, instrument or group? Think about what music means to you and make a small display/poster to showcase your thoughts and ideas. Submit to the front desk and we’ll display it in our lobby! We understand that there are many ages competing in our Musical Olympics. Set a goal for this project that is age and skill level appropriate. All submissions will be accepted up to February 28th. Don’t forget your name to get ballot recognition.

Good Luck!

Inspired by Team Canada’s work ethic and designed to inspire our students to push through the hardest month of the year.

Students will earn ballots by completing challenges and practicing. Over the years we have seen incredible success with this program.


The BEST NEWS – we have incredible sponsorship 

and supporters for these Olympics. 

Last year we presented over 60 prizes and we’re on track to have a record amount of prizes for our amazing students!

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