• When does registration take place?

You can enroll at any time in our classes or lessons, provided there is space. It is best to act early to avoid disappointment.

Official registration dates run with the following guidelines:

  • Regular School Year Classes & Lessons (Sept to June) – Early June for the following year See our Lessons or Classes pages for details!
  • Summer Camps – January/February

The best advice is to check the Calendar often for updates and to register early to avoid disappointment as classes fill quickly.

You can also like us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our schedule.

  • If classes have already started, is it too late to enroll my child?

It is never too late to enroll! Depending on class availability, we will get you or your child started as soon as possible. With our simple and easy monthly payments, you can enroll at any time! However, classes and lessons do fill quickly, so it is always best to register early to avoid disappointment.

  • How do your payment plans work?

We have a consistent payment plan for all of our families. From running our studio for many years, we have found that a regular monthly fee is easiest for families to budget. 

Kindermusik Level 5 and Bilingual Birdies classes have an upfront materials fee. All other classes have the materials built into the monthly fee.

Most months have 4 weeks. Some have 3, some have 5. We have taken the average number of lessons or classes experienced over the full school year and divided it into an equal monthly fee. 

It is best to refer to individual classes for exact pricing, but you will find that we have a simple plan, and one that is comparable to other music schools. We also offer siblings & multiples discounts, as well as FRABA (Fall River and Area Business Association) discounts. It is important to note that Kindermusik classes will have tax added to fees; Private and Group Music Lessons are exempt by Revenue Canada from taxes.

  • What is your Cancellation Policy?

Our world has changed so much recently, and some positive things have come from that. Snow Day? No problem! Your class or lesson will be moved to our online classroom that day! Codes and passwords will be provided to those enrolled.

But we also recognize there may be factors out of our control – loss of power due to weather event, for example. 

Safety for our families and staff is always the deciding factor in cancellations. We post in three locations whenever we have to cancel classes and lessons: The easiest place to check is our website homepage, where the cancellation information will be posted as soon as the decision is made. We also update our phone answering machine, so feel free to call ahead if in doubt. Finally, we post the cancellation on our Facebook page as well.

  • What is your refund/withdrawal policy?

At Joyful Sounds Music Studio, Smiles & Satisfaction are key. If you are not completely happy with your Joyful Sounds experience after the first month, just let us know that you wish to discontinue. 

If you need to withdraw or discontinue Kindermusik, Group or Lessons for any reason, please provide notice to the Front Desk before the 1st of the next month. If notice is received at the Front Desk after this time frame, the next month will be charged as per normal, and you will be able to attend all classes and lessons that month. Please note that a discussion with your teacher will not be sufficient to end your membership at the studio. Front Desk is where all information lies with scheduling, payments, etc. An email, phone call or in-person discussion with our Front Desk staff is required to withdraw from your program.

For Kindermusik Classes, the Home Materials will still be yours to keep and enjoy, and there will be no further obligation, but know that you are welcome back at any time.

For March Break and Summer camps, we require notice one month before the camp starts to issue a refund.

For birthday parties, the deposit is refundable until two weeks before the party.

  • What is your make up policy?

COVID-19 Updated Make-up Policy

As you can well understand, we are unable to have the flexible make-up policy that we are so well known for at our studio. The time for unlimited make-ups is unfortunately not possible right now. We want to keep our classroom cohorts together – this way we can keep exact attendance, know who is in the building each and every day, and protect everyone. 

For Kindermusik & Bilingual Birdies, there are several options for make-ups:

  1. We will be holding two virtual classes a week. Check our schedule for more details
  2. We are working on an additional feature that should be up and running mid September. The second feature will be a recorded mini-session for each and every age level from Foundations to Level 4. A new session will be available for every new unit. This way, at your convenience, you can have a Kindermusik Educator right in your home to lead a fun session of music time at home. We know it’s going to be a unique year, and we want to try to be there for you. Information on how to access these will be sent via email only to those families currently enrolled in classes. 
  3. Kindermusik Level 5 students have a weekly recorded video to take you through the homework process. These have been sent in an email with a protected website link.

Private Lesson Make-Ups

Not well enough to attend your lesson in person? No problem! We can Zoom you in live at your lesson time! Please give our studio notice 2 hours prior to the start of your lesson time so that we are prepared to make the shift. Unable to Zoom live with us? No problem! We will send detailed notes in your online dictation book, and if possible record a mini lesson and send it to you through your dictation book to work on when you are able. 

Again with lessons, we will not be able to provide in-studio make-ups at this time. If a teacher has to miss for any reason, make-ups will be provided via our online classroom, or a scheduled make-up day will be planned at the studio in advance.

We thank you for your understanding at this time.

  • Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at Fall River Place, Suites #202-204 in Fall River, where Highway 102 and Highway 118 intersect by Inn on the Lake. This is our main studio, and classes currently run six days a week.

If you click on Our Location, you will find a map to guide you to our musical doorstep!

  • At what age should I enroll my child in private music lessons, such as piano/strings?

Private music lessons such as piano and fiddle require the student to be at a specific physical and cognitive developmental stage, as well as be prepared to sit for a 30 to 45 minute lesson and be disciplined to practice at home approximately 5 times a week in the beginning stages. This is difficult for even the best of us!

Kindermusik offers a School-Aged Young Child program for the 5-7 year-old child to introduce all the musical concepts covered in private music lessons, including reading and writing music on the staff, playing a pre-keyboard glockenspiel, a stringed dulcimer, and a wind recorder, all while having the enjoyment of a group music class that continues the creativity and “fun” from which the Kindermusik classroom is so well-known. This is a 75-minute class, which is an amazing opportunity.

Time and time again, we Kindermusik Educators hear from piano teachers, dance teachers, and all private instructors how well the Kindermusik child does in private lessons after completing the Kindermusik program – it’s no surprise to us!
Our studio policy is that a child may enroll in private lessons:

  • If they have completed the Young Child program, or
  • If they are a minimum of 7 years old, or
  • If they are in Grade 2 at school
  • Voice Lessons are not available until a child is 10 years old due to our understanding of the delicacy of vocal development. Group activities such as kids choirs are perfect for a child younger than 10 who would like to sing, or have them start piano lessons to build their musical learning and make them a stronger vocalist when the time is appropriate.
  • What can babies learn from music class?

Babies are at their prime learning, and what better way to help them experience every aspect of life than through music? Parents are amazed again and again how much the babies respond to various activities we do in class – and how using the music and movements at home can stop a crying child in an instant! In the baby classes, we explore many concepts – high/low, fast/slow, stop/start, smooth/bumpy, and much more. We dance, we massage, we explore, we laugh! One visit to our classroom and you will understand. Contact Us to attend a complimentary trial class today!

  • Why are there home materials for Kindermusik classes?

At Kindermusik, we believe that the parent & home is the most important teacher in a child’s life. So when you leave our classroom, we want the learning to continue at home – that’s when a child truly develops to their fullest potential. That’s why it is so important that every child be able to sing and listen to the music at home, read the books, play the instruments, and in the older classes, participate in the homework process. The opportunities with these materials are endless and parents time and again say how much the whole family enjoys the music! Trust us – we know you’ll be singing the Kindermusik songs in the shower or as you are driving to work before you know it!

New to our studio and the Kindermusik world is the Kindermusik App! Download it for free today from the App Store or Google Play. While you are enrolled in our classes, your app will automatically add your class albums to the already amazing content there. Enjoy!

  • Can I experience a class before I enroll?

During COVID-19 Protocols, we are keeping our classes as “cohorts” so we are not currently allowing drop-in trials. You can, however, join a class for a month and if it does not make a good fit, then simply cancel your enrollment.

Our regular answer is…

Absolutely! If you need time to see if Kindermusik is really for you, please take us up on our offer of a complimentary trial class that fits your schedule. However, please be aware that classes do fill quickly, so the class that you preview may not have room for full enrollment at the time of preview. Contact Us to set up a trial. We do not typically do trials for lessons, but check in with us and you can meet a teacher and find out what lessons are like and see our awesome lesson rooms.

  • What sets Kindermusik apart from other early childhood music classes?

That’s easy! Choose from any of these reasons:

  • Every Kindermusik class incorporates music, movement, instruments, books, and often sign language.
  • Every Kindermusik Educator is required to re-license every year, taking professional development courses each year and staying on top of the latest in childhood research and education.
  • Kindermusik’s curricula is second-to-none, with over 40 years of extensive work, and lessons that have been tested again and again, constantly being updated to give you and your child the best experience.
  • We always put the families in our programs first. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are our number one priority. Kindermusik gives you one-on-one time with your child each week that you will know and love to cherish.
  • And of course, the home materials are of the highest quality and complement the classroom experience.
  • Kindermusik is the international leader in music education for early childhood; from birth to seven years.
  • Do you accept credit card payment?

Yes! We accept Visa & Mastercard or cheque (made payable to Joyful Sounds Music Studio Inc). Our Online Registration allows for quick & easy registration, and we now offer simple and easy monthly payments for all classes and lessons. Private lessons must register by phone, e-mail or in person, but we do accept credit card or post-dated cheque for these lessons as well. If you need to pay by e-mail money transfer, you will be charged an additional $5 fee per transfer as it requires additional admin and fees on our end.

  • Is Kindermusik a franchise?

Kindermusik is not a franchise. Our curricula and guidelines are set internationally, but each educator can run their own personal studio to their specified standards. Our studio is set to the highest standard, and we have been awarded the Top Program Award by Kindermusik International for the last 13 consecutive years, meaning we are ranked in the Top 1% of Kindermusik Studios Worldwide and currently ranked 3rd in Canada!

Joyful Sounds Music Studio Incorporated is owned and operated by Louise MacDonald, a Top Program Kindermusik Educator & Piano Instructor. She is also a Coach for Kindermusik University. We offer Kindermusik classes, as well as private instruction in Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Fiddle, Drums & Voice. We also offer a variety of group options, including concert band, chorale, and various adult group and individual options. We are constantly adding, changing, tweaking depending on what our community is looking for. Check our schedules for full details or give us a call at 902.861.2702

  • What is your privacy policy?

At Joyful Sounds Music Studio, we do not share information with any party with the exception of Kindermusik International for families registered in Kindermusik Classes. This is needed in order for the family to access any digital downloads from classes (music, e-books, etc). Our registration system is MyKPro and our payment system is Stripe (effective September 2019). We do not allow these companies to solicit your business in any other way. When you register for classes or lessons, we will ask if you agree to students being filmed or photographed for social media and website purposes. If this is the case, you will be notified before anything is posted, and ask for permission from the family first.