Joyful Sounds Summer Camper Handbook 

Welcome to Joyful Sounds Music Studio. This handbook is intended to give
information about summer camps for campers and their families. Please read
through this before you arrive at the studio for your week of camp. If you have any
questions at any time you can email our front desk or call our
office 902-861-2702.

What time do camps start and end?

Most camps run 9:00am-4:00pm with drop off starting at 8:30am and pickup
extending to 4:30pm. Campers cannot be dropped off earlier than 8:30am or picked
up later than 4:30pm as there will be no staff here to supervise before or after those
Dreamers, Dancers and Drummers preschool camp is a half day camp that runs
either 9:00am-11:45am or 1:00pm-3:45pm depending on if your child is signed up for
the morning or afternoon. There is no option for early drop off or late pickup for these

What should we bring?

Campers should bring a backpack with them and pack it with the following items:
● Lunch and enough snacks for 2 snack breaks
● A water bottle filled with water – we can refill throughout the day but coming
with a full bottle to start the day off is great!
● Sunscreen to reapply throughout the day
● A change of clothes just in case!
Note: Campers are not permitted to bring electronic devices to the studio. This
includes iPads, iPhones, Cell Phones, Tablets, etc. Our days will be packed with
activities and music and we don’t want any distractions while we’re having fun! If you
need to contact your child while they are here during the week please call the front
office. The only exception to this would be the Rock Camps as they often use their
phones for charts

Joyful Sounds Spaces

At Joyful Sounds there are 2 main studios. Studio A is located where the front desk is,
close to the stairs to the downstairs parking lot. Studio B is down the hall towards the
back upper parking lot. There will be different camps running in each studio every
week. There are waiting rooms in each studio with shoe mats and coat/backpack
hooks for the kids to use. In each waiting room we will have tables and chairs set up
where colouring, crafts, and lunch/snack time will happen. There is a washroom in
Studio A just through the waiting room. There is a washroom in Studio B accessible
from inside the Studio B classroom.


Our Joyful Sounds Camp Team is made up of a wonderful group of staff and senior youth leaders, as well as junior youth volunteers all summer. Our Front Desk is staffed for the majority of the summer as well. In a typical week there are anywhere from 8-12 Staff and Junior Leaders in the building for a maximum of 25 campers weekly. Your children will have many positive role models and connections while experiencing our summer camps. You can rest assured they will be safe and have fun!

What types of camps do you have?

Dreamers, Dancers, & Drummers (Half Day Camps 4 day week)

These camps are for preschoolers aged 3-7. They run Tuesday – Friday. Every day of
the camp has a different theme which determines the music, dancing, and craft for
each day.

Broadway Minis

These camps are for younger school aged kids 5-10. They run 5 days a week Monday
– Friday except for the first week which will be Tuesday – Friday only. Broadway Minis
explores 4 different songs between the first 4 days, with a performance recording
done on Friday of their 4 songs which is sent out to the parents to watch together at

Broadway Jr.

These camps are for older school aged kids 7-13. This year we are running Aladdin
and Encanto. These kids will be cast in a role and learn a script, songs, dances, and
put it all together at the end of the week in a recording sent home to families to

Jr Rock & Cover Band

The final 2 camps we offer are our Jr Rock and Cover Band camps. These camps are
for both kids and teens who want to learn different elements of playing in a band.
Both camps get the opportunity to play their final performance at the Keloose
Festival later in August.

What else should we know about camps?

Our days are spent singing, dancing, and having fun. Each camp will be a little
different, but generally every day will include reading scripts, learning lyrics and
songs, and choreographing dance moves. There is a snack break in the morning and
a snack break in the afternoon. After lunch every day we take the campers outside,
generally to the back corner part of our parking lot where there is some greenery and
shade. There will always be full time staff supervising outside time and making sure
where we are playing is sectioned off properly. We always have lots of chalk, bubbles,
hula hoops and skipping ropes to play with. In the event of rain or intense heat we will
stay inside and have some free play time instead. After lunch we do a craft and do
some more singing and dancing until parents come to pick their children up at the
end of the day!

We believe that every child is important and every child deserves to have a fun,
safe, loving place to spend their days while they are here at camp. That is our top
priority! We look forward to spending the summer with your child, and thank you
for trusting us to provide that fun, safe, loving place for them!