Fun Language Learning Through Music!

Bilingual Birdies is a super fun foreign language and music program where we teach basic vocabulary and short phrases in French through music, dance, and puppetry. It is similar to Kindermusik in that the root of the entire class is based in music. In Bilingual Birdies, the music is very hip and upbeat which evokes positive emotion and triggers memory. This makes learning new words a joyful experience. The primary goal of a Bilingual Birdies class is to teach new vocabulary in a foreign language, celebrate diversity, and have fun while learning!

We know you know the benefits of learning a second language – now we get to do it while making music!

Learning French as a second language has always been a point of passion for Miss Louise. With her mother coming from Cheticamp, NS, Louise has been surrounded by French Acadian culture her whole life, and minored in French in University. Being able to share this love with our Joyful Sounds families is a dream come true!

Bilingual Birdies Preschoolers (3-5 years)

  • 45 minutes per class
  • Unparented for first 35 minutes

Class fees are $55 monthly. This class requires an $80 materials deposit at time of registration for each semester (Fall and Winter). Sibling discount 10% available on regular monthly fee. POMBA 25% – please let front desk know. There are home materials including vocabulary cards, Playlist download, e-books, and special BB Puppet with each term!

Au revoir et a bientot!!

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